With my daughter – the most amazing creation of my life

A House Full of Words and Song…

I have loved stories, songs and music from as early as I can remember. I was born in New Zealand, but my mum was Scottish and would tell us stories about growing up in Edinburgh during World War II. She was a singer with a rich, beautiful voice (Her teacher at school would say: “Yes, Margaret, we know you can sing. Let’s give the other children a chance to be heard”). She would wake us up singing good morning songs as she pulled back the curtains. My dad was a Londoner and would tell very funny or very dry jokes and would chuckle with a big smile on his face. I loved that chuckle. When I was older he looked at the stories I was writing and showed me how I could develop them and make them unique.

Our home was bursting with music, song, story…and jokes. 


Performing an acoustic song back in the day…

Being creative comes naturally. I wrote songs, sang and played the guitar from the age of 10, lying out on the grass in the sun in rural Nelson. We moved to Hamilton and I played in garage and uni bands as a teen and in my 20s. My favourite band had an accordion/keyboard player and a drummer who was about 10 years older than the rest of us young-uns and called me ‘Slim Jim,’ and we rocked! I look back at the songs I was writing in these bands, and they were good. Catchy and fun. (I adore rhythm so I started playing the drums and playing in a couple of bands again in my 30s. Then I stopped for a long time but rhythm is where it’s at for me and recently – in my 40s – I’ve started playing the drums again and a whole world of joy and energy has opened up).


With my daughter when she was little…

I became a wife. A mum. A single mum. I was still creating music but I had a niggling thought that kept recurring – that I needed to bring God into my creative journey. I wasn’t a Christian then but it was a very strong feeling. Not knowing how to even start thinking about working with God, I stopped creating altogether. Many years passed before I welcomed Him into my life, and began to create again, focusing on writing stories.

I live in my hometown, Tauranga. My daughter is all grown up and is on the brink of setting out into the world. And over the last few years I’ve started writing the kinds of stories I love the most. Stories about second chances, transformation, and grace. 

My touchstone authors include Susan Howatch, Jan Karon, Susan May Warren, Rachel Hauck, Andrew Greeley and Francine Rivers (in the order I discovered them). Writers who weave God’s Word and presence into their stories. (I will talk more about their works on my Fangirling page along with other books, movies and tv series that have been an inspiration).

Start Here…

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