A Beautiful Day

I’ve just watched the movie starring Tom Hanks called A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood. I can’t rave about it enough! It’s a cry fest! I howled through most of it. And Mr Rogers – who was a real TV personality – is an incredible human being who must have changed so many lives throughout […]

Every Good Thing

I discovered an inspiring recording artist during lockdown. He is a Franciscan Friar of the Franciscan Friars of Renewal. Brother Isaiah writes songs, sings, and performs music – and it is beautiful and deeply soul satisfying. His voice is fresh and honest. His words speak deeply of his love for the Lord and compassion for […]


One of the things I am becoming more and more conscious of, the older I get, is we all have a young spirit inside us no matter what is happening on the outside. Those of us who are able to hold onto that without letting life create a toll exude a radiance that wrinkles and […]

Progress Update Part II – Love Song to a Beard: A Short Story

Exploratory Draft I just completed the Exploratory Draft phase of Love Song to A Beard: A Short Story! It has gone in a completely different direction than I was anticipating. Last time I gave you an update for it, I hadn’t written the ending, had no idea how it would end, and still needed to […]

Love & Prayer

Devoted My parents loved each other so much throughout their lives. They were married for 63 years – right up until Dad died – and were always there for each other. The song ‘How Long Will I Love You,’ by Ellie Goulding, reminds me of them: How long will I love you As long as […]