Skin & Bone

Discovering Family I’ve recently met a cousin from my mother’s side. She is my fourth cousin. Her great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers. Somehow she ended up moving to the little town where I work, then volunteered at my workplace. And she’s been sharing her genealogy research with me and filling in so […]

Surrounded By Love

Losing Those We Love My last post was about the death of my uncle and the end of an era. Losing him has been hard. Besides losing his lovely presence in the world, we’ve been feeling how much we’ve lost and how much our family and the stories and memories are disappearing. My daughter sadly […]

The Last of Them

Family Today I learned my uncle has died. He was 90. A stout Scotsman with a broad Scot’s accent, and I can’t help feeling that a part of the world has died with him. Not only his own sweet, funny presence but also a part of the world that contained living traces of my Mum, […]

Only Kindness Matters

Love & Compassion It is strange times we are living through. But there have also been blessings. Today I was speaking to an older Maori gentleman about the months just been and the days ahead. He was a gentle soul and we had a really lovely conversation. We agreed that lockdown with all its uncertainty […]