A Little Adventure A few years ago my daughter and I were driving home along Welcome Bay Road, when a little dog trotted out of a driveway with a great sense of purpose, then ran over the road in front of our car. We were driving pretty slowly so easily managed to avoid him, but […]

Filling the Well

Getting Inspired This weekend I’ve been getting inspired by working through a very good course on CreativeLive called Robert Lang Studios Songwriting Class. It’s a conversation between Seattle songwriters Rocky Votolato and Kris Orlowski, who talk about their songwriting processes (if I quote anything from the course, it will be from the first session, which […]

Music – Playlist to Inspire Love Song to a Beard

The playlist I’ve created for my ‘Beard’ short story is so cute. There’s only three songs and I’m playing it on repeat as I drive to and from work each day. I don’t get tired of it! The feature song – the one I love the most – is SIX60’s Please Don’t Go. Who doesn’t […]

Prompting Something Different

I prodded three friends to give me a word to include in a short story. They obliged, so I will write a story that includes: a beard; a train station; and isolation. I really enjoy this kind of challenge. It forces me to stretch my imagination. I’ve created a Mood Board on Pinterest and I’m […]

Scripture in the Centre of Story

I’ve just finished the second draft of my short story, Trails of Light. The story is centred around the following scripture: Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you… I will lift up my hands and call on your name… In the shadows of your wings I sing for joy Psalms […]