Progress Update Part I – Trails of Light: A Short Story

Progress update! I’ve completed the Exploratory Draft phase of Trails of Light: A Short Story! (It had a working title of ‘The Umbrella’). It will be part of a collection of short stories that will be published separately. Each story will have its own book cover artwork and other little goodies – the plan will […]

Playlist to Inspire Sun Hermit

What is it about music? It gets right to the centre of us. Right to our very core. I’ve been listening to Say Something, by A Great Big World, and Christina Aguilera. Stunning. Sad. Heart wrenching. Say something, I’m giving up on you I’ll be the one if you want me to Anywhere, I would […]

Learning to See

Trying Something New During Lockdown, it was difficult to focus on my usual activities. So I decided to try something new – to learn to draw a story. I gobbled up comics as a girl (read the heart-warming account here). And during Lockdown, as part of my art creating obsession, I discovered new graphic novels […]

Sparking Stories

I love to spark ideas for stories using pictures. Images affect us on so many levels that they can be a powerful writing tool. I am so inspired by them. Carousel, the novel I’m working on, is based on an eerie ghostlike figure in the background of a photo. Maddie becomes obsessed with finding out […]

ANZAC Day – A Different Way

For those of you living in New Zealand or Australia, you may be like me and get up early for ANZAC Day. Driveway Service I thought I’d share my experience this year, as it was so different from past ones. My daughter and I usually go to our favourite cafe straight after the service – […]