Learning to Roar

There’s something very powerful about sharing our goals – and progress. It’s not something I’ve done in the past. I’m very private and bumble along doing things on my own. But working as a Children and Teens Librarian I’ve had to learn to get stuck in and do things – and to speak out about […]

Five Favourite Audiobooks

Audiobooks are one of my favourite ways of ‘reading’ a book. The story, of course, has to be good in the first place, but it is enhanced with a good narrator. [This post is being rewritten so is in a state of happy transformation…all the words may not be here!] Here are five of my […]

Ghost Photography

I have an idea for a story that has ghosts, and I want to poke around to see if I can find any interesting snippets about ghost photography. I have no idea how it will all come together, but that’s the beauty of developing a story idea – you don’t know how it will develop […]

Lost Memories

An image has been playing in my mind over the last few weeks – a scene in George Orwell’s 1984 where Winston is holding a photograph, and we discover he lives in a society where memories and information are destroyed, truth is changed, and society is manipulated. Memory is such a strange thing. We can’t […]

Book Review – Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This week I’ve been going gaga over a book by Nicola Yoon. Everything Everything is a YA novel about 18 year old Maddy who has to live in a sterile environment because she’s allergic to the world. She has settled into a sense of normality over the situation – until Olly moves in next door, […]