Mood Board Monday


One of the things I am becoming more and more conscious of, the older I get, is we all have a young spirit inside us no matter what is happening on the outside. Those of us who are able to hold onto that without letting life create a toll exude a radiance that wrinkles and […]

Surrounded By Love

Losing Those We Love My last post was about the death of my uncle and the end of an era. Losing him has been hard. Besides losing his lovely presence in the world, we’ve been feeling how much we’ve lost and how much our family and the stories and memories are disappearing. My daughter sadly […]


A Little Adventure A few years ago my daughter and I were driving home along Welcome Bay Road, when a little dog trotted out of a driveway with a great sense of purpose, then ran over the road in front of our car. We were driving pretty slowly so easily managed to avoid him, but […]

Prompting Something Different

I prodded three friends to give me a word to include in a short story. They obliged, so I will write a story that includes: a beard; a train station; and isolation. I really enjoy this kind of challenge. It forces me to stretch my imagination. I’ve created a Mood Board on Pinterest and I’m […]

Sparking Stories

I love to spark ideas for stories using pictures. Images affect us on so many levels that they can be a powerful writing tool. I am so inspired by them. Carousel, the novel I’m working on, is based on an eerie ghostlike figure in the background of a photo. Maddie becomes obsessed with finding out […]