Thinking About…

Covered in a Different Light

I recently read an Instagram post by Emily Stimpson Chapman, talking about her relationship with her husband. She said: “the graces of the sacrament [of marriage] have reached backwards, changing how I see all the moments leading up to that day 3 years ago. And that, I hope, is what will happen in the someday […]

Reading Graphic Novels

How it All Began My dad bought the weekly girls’ comic, Tammy, for us each week (There was also Jinty. And Misty. And at various stages they merged together until there was just the one comic, and then that disappeared, too). There was a story about Russian ballerinas who turned into geese and flew through […]

Surrounding Ourselves with Kindred Spirits

Many years ago, Megan Follows played the part of Anne in the Canadian TV series of ‘Anne of Green Gables.’ Follows played the part perfectly. She captured  the optimistic, enthusiastic dreamer who held arms with the prickly school mistress and called her a ‘kindred spirit.’ The character of Anne Shirley, reminds us to find the […]

Learning to Roar

There’s something very powerful about sharing our goals – and progress. It’s not something I’ve done in the past. I’m very private and bumble along doing things on my own. But working as a Children and Teens Librarian I’ve had to learn to get stuck in and do things – and to speak out about […]

Five Favourite Audiobooks

Audiobooks are one of my favourite ways of ‘reading’ a book. The story, of course, has to be good in the first place, but it is enhanced with a good narrator. [This post is being rewritten so is in a state of happy transformation…all the words may not be here!] Here are five of my […]