What’s the Haps Wednesday

To Be Gotten

My Dad was a fantastic writer. He focused on short stories and taught me how to create a story beyond the initial idea to something more unique. I still remember a story he wrote about a day at the beach from the perspective of a donkey that gave rides to children. It was a magnificent […]

Skin & Bone

Discovering Family I’ve recently met a cousin from my mother’s side. She is my fourth cousin. Her great grandfather and my great grandfather were brothers. Somehow she ended up moving to the little town where I work, then volunteered at my workplace. And she’s been sharing her genealogy research with me and filling in so […]

The Last of Them

Family Today I learned my uncle has died. He was 90. A stout Scotsman with a broad Scot’s accent, and I can’t help feeling that a part of the world has died with him. Not only his own sweet, funny presence but also a part of the world that contained living traces of my Mum, […]

Learning to See

Trying Something New During Lockdown, it was difficult to focus on my usual activities. So I decided to try something new – to learn to draw a story. I gobbled up comics as a girl (read the heart-warming account here). And during Lockdown, as part of my art creating obsession, I discovered new graphic novels […]