Francine Rivers’ book Redeeming Love is coming out as a movie at the end of this year.

A Story of Healing

It’s a riveting, powerful, and transformational story. I only read it for the first time in the last six months and it was an incredibly healing experience. I applaud her for writing a book that focuses on sexual brokenness in such a gritty but healing way.

It’s about a young woman who was forced into sexual acts against her will and grew to believe that her main currency to get through life was using her sexuality. Her story is extreme, and perhaps yours is too. Or perhaps it’s more like mine. Maybe, like me, you were left feeling shame and rejection and struggling to release strongholds and beliefs about yourself.

My Own Experience

I did not grow up as a Christian. When I dated as a young woman I thought sex was part of the deal. If I dated someone, I slept with them.

Once I was baptised I discovered there was a different way. I began to feel like a cherished daughter. I discovered I didn’t have to give myself away. And, with God’s healing and the ever-loving presence of the Holy Spirit, I became strong and able to value myself – and not allow myself to be treated in such a careless way or treat someone else like that.

There is so much beauty and restorative hope and grace in Christianity and in our relationship with God. And, once I began to follow a new path, I experienced the truth of Paul’s words:

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you?

(1 Corinthians 6:19)

A Gift

The Eucharist and Mass is an incredible gift. We are brought back to the moment Jesus willingly sacrificed himself for us. Every. Single. Time. It is a powerful experience. Fulton J. Sheen said:

At every Mass the curtain of time is torn in two, and you and me are there at calvary.

(The Search, on Formed. Quoted by Chris Stephanick)

And that is what I have found. At times I sob through Mass and through Communion because it is so incredibly moving.

I am shy about communicating my love for Jesus and all He has done for us because I feel like I don’t know enough, but I do know how different I feel and how He has changed my life. Especially as it is so different from my past.

A Story

I want to explore that sense of feeling lost and broken, in a story. I have no idea what form the story will take but I’m starting to let ideas form. As part of that process, I’ve discovered a theme song – Brother Isaiah’s Love Song for the Bride. It is beautiful. It is about sexual brokenness and the healing redemption of Christ:

Zion you’re a princess, you’re a Bride

But you don’t seem to see it on the inside

I see you running after so many lovers yeah

Just to find yourself alone and uncovered yeah

Beat down, strung out, so unsatisfied

With all the masks you wear, and all the tricks you’ve tried

I see you running, see you stumbling, see you falling down

I see you longing, see you dying just to be found …

(Love Song for the Bride – Brother Isaiah)

Brother Isaiah is such a talented young man. He creates music that is imbued with love, compassion, and the presence of God. He is a gifted songwriter – and I love his voice. I listen to his album Poco a Poco constantly and have so many favourites that I barely skip a track – unless it’s to get to the song I’m most in love with at the moment.

Love Song for the Bride – Spotify

Love Song for the Bride – YouTube


The new Holy of Holies…it’s you.

(The Search, on Formed – Chris Stephanick)

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